Shaping Behavior

Perhaps you are looking for some more clarity in your training, or you are interested in teaching your dog some complex behaviors. You may be stumped on how to go about doing this. With shaping, the dog will be offering you behaviors which you can then chain together. It may just the technique you have been looking for!

Course Details

Shaping is a powerful and effective way to train your dog. Essentially, it is similar to playing charades with your dog, asking them to offer you behaviors and you then mark and reward the ones you like.

The dog understands immediately what is expected of them since they are the ones who offered the behavior! This invitation for active participation and even experimentation on behalf of the dog can increase their confidence and liven up your training sessions. Moreover, shaping is fun.

In this 6-week online course, we will delve into what shaping is and how you can use it with your dog. Fun will be had!

Meet Your Instructor

Dianna L. Santos

Dianna L. Santos

Owner and Lead Instructor

AKC Scent Work Judge
USCSS Judge and CSD
AKC CGC Evaluator
C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator and Instructor
President, Online Dog Training University, Inc.
President, Cyber Scent Work, Inc.

Should You Take This Course

Are you interested in mentally stimulating your dog? Shaping is not only a powerful and effective way to train, it is also a wonderful way to get your dog thinking! Mental stimulation can help in getting your dog to feel satiated and more tired...and tired dogs are good dogs!

What You Need for This Course

  • your dog

  • flat or martingale collar

  • back-clip harness (optional)

  • 6'-8' leash

  • mat or towel for the dog to lay on

  • box that will fit the length of your dog

  • LOTS of high-value and smelly treats

Course Outline

  • What is Shaping?

  • 101 Things to Do With a Box

  • Work With Your Dog's Strengths

  • Can You Shape It?

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