Leave It

Leave It! is one of the most important skills you can teach your dog. Not only is it imperative to keep your dog safe from scooping up that chicken bone on the side of the road or the bottle of medication you just knocked over onto the floor, but Leave It! also teaches impulse control to your four-legged friend.

Your dog doesn't "listen to you"? Teaching the skills from this class will also help your recall, loose leash walking and overall good manners.

Course Details

In this 6-week course, you will not only teach your dog the valuable skills of Leave It!, you will improve their overall impulse control, their attention on you and solidfy other behaviors such as stay, coming when called and walking well on-leash. All of this in just one course! WOW!

Meet Your Instructor

Lori Timberlake

Lori Timberlake

Real-Life Skills Program Instructor

AKC Scent Work Judge
UKC Certifying Official
USCSS Judge and CSD
Summit-Level Competitor
Certified International Dog Parkour Instructor
Owner of Do Over Dog Training

Should I Take This Course?

Does your dog love to put EVERYTHING in their mouth? This can be huge safety hazard, can land your dog at the emergency vet or worse! Take this course to help your dog learn to leave stuff alone all using fun and engaging training exercises your dog will love!

Are you working toward your dog being a therapy dog? In order to be approved to visit therapy sites, your dog must be able to demonstrate a solid leave it. This is for their protection, so take this course to ensure their leave it behavior is rock solid.

Are you a professional dog training instructor? Teaching impulse control is a must for any dog training program. Your human clients will appreciate having their dogs understand what "Leave It" means and being able to train it using positive reinforcement and reward-based training techniques. So take this course to add this to your own curriculum, our clients wil be happy you did!

What You Will Need for This Course

  • leash

  • comfortable fitting collar or harness

  • marker word and/or clicker

  • LOTS of small, soft and yummy treats

  • leave it items

Course Outline

  • Zen Training

  • Name Game

  • Moving Leave It

  • Stationary Leave It

  • Upping the Ante

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