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by Lori Timberlake

Do you have a Fiesty Fido or a Nervous Nellie? Then you need to look into this brand new 6-week online course!

Whether you have a dog that competes in dog sports and just needs a confidence boost or you have a dog that is afraid to leave your house, the activities and resources available in this class will work wonders for ALL dogs lacking confidence. We are SUPER excited about this course and are thrilled that Lori is offering it for us!

Check out the Confidence Building course today, you and your dog will be happy you did!

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At Pet Dog U, our online training is designed to help your dog become the best family pet they can be through engaging and fun training exercises and games. Our online dog training services will also help you grow as a dog owner, handler and trainer, thus deepening the bond and relationship you have your pup!


Enjoy ultimate convenience and customized training solutions that

work for YOUR dog and YOUR needs!

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We're professional dog trainers who are passionate about all things dog training!


Not only are we dog lovers and instructors, we also compete in dog sports, are trial officials, are actively involved in competition organizations and have witnessed firsthand how positive reinforcement and reward-based training can benefit all dogs!

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Took the Learn To Speak Dog Webinar tonight. It was amazing!!!!! Very thorough, with case examples, and overall great info every dog owner should know. Especially those that attend dog parks-this is a must learn body of knowledge! Can't speak more highly of the presenter!!! Has a wealth of knowledge so willing to share.

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Did you know that we have three online dog training platforms and offer online courses, seminars and webinars through all three?

See a complete listing of everything we have to offer through Dog Sport University, Pet Dog U and Scent Work University!

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Check out the online courses, seminars, webinars and eBooks we offer through Scent Work University.

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Earn Qs, titles and ribbons AND receive training advice. Check out Cyber Scent Work, Inc. today.

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Check out the online courses, seminars, webinars and eBooks we offer through Dog Sport University.

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